“The Vital Connection: Spiritual Reality, Science, and The Coming King” - by Sandra A. Micelotti -

Friday, January 27, 2023 at 6:03pm UTC

Many people believe that the only reality is what they can see and touch — and nothing more. This book, “The Vital Connection: Spiritual Reality, Science and the Coming King,” explains that there is, indeed, something more, and ushers the reader into another realm. For the unaware, it unfolds and examines spiritual reality and fans the flame of desire for the one with whom connection is vital. For the already aware, it further enhances the beauty of knowledge and understanding.

Grasping the essence of spiritual reality may sound like it will take months or even years, but author, Sandra A. Micelotti easily walks us through it in thirteen chapters. Through her calm tone, insightful explanations, and broad wisdom, we will come to find the true meaning of spirituality and the significance of the vital connection— a connection that we need to not only make but also nourish and strengthen for a truly effective and fulfilled life. By peeking in the window of eternity past, we open our eyes to God's hints obscurely presented in scriptures, illustrations, and prophetic words that have spanned across generations. Here we also look forward to eternity future and marvel at God's well-orchestrated plan, which to this day he continues to broadcast, heightening our anticipation of the Coming King— Jesus.

Indeed, this is a book that proclaims the Almighty God, and the reality that there is, in fact, something that transcends our physical world. Let this book ignite the light in you if you are already a believer and if you are not, let it light the way toward making the Vital Connection.

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The Vital Connection: Spiritual Reality, Science and the Coming King
Author: Sandra A. Micelotti
ISBN-13: 9781956010015
Publisher: Rushmore Press LLC
Publication date: 08/06/2021
Pages: 84

About the Author

Sandra is a gifted speaker who brings sound biblical teaching and ministers in the love of God. She was ordained in 2002 and has travelled to more than twenty nations speaking and ministering at 2 to 3-day church conferences, women's conferences, and a variety of other meetings. Formerly, Sandra was Vice President of Human Resources for three organizations, two national and one international. Later, she established and worked a nationwide business for twelve years, which served dialysis providers. Sandra is American-born and presently resides in the state of Massachusetts.

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